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Welcome To Star Action Figures

DPD EUROPEAN DELIVERIES - Unfortunately we have had to take the difficult decision to temporary stop taking further orders for European deliveries. All existing orders will ship as soon as possible. We hope to start taking new orders again in a few weeks. This is due to the still unknown fall out from Brexit, as well as a huge back log of orders. If we take this action now and Brexit is not settled in a favorable way, we still have a chance of getting existing orders shipped out on time. If we continue to take new orders there is no way we will be able to cope with the fall out so we have taken the decision to stop taking new order for the time being, until the powers that be settle the issue one way or another. I apologise for the inconvenience and we will turn the option back on as soon as possible. It is only temporary. We will also be looking at adding some option for other countries in the new year.

We have a backlog on shipping out orders, but after the past two weeks of huge deliveries (which have caused said back logs), we have a smaller than normal delivery this week (phew!) that will only release a small amount of orders in comparison to the previous weeks, and we expect to have the UK back log cleared by the end of the weekend, and DPD by the middle of next week. Sorry for the delays and thanks for your patience. 

**COVID UPDATE 20/11/20**  (Fuller explanation on our Facebook Page)

  • We will be dispatching orders throughout Lock Down 2. We are still operating with limited staff whilst the latest restrictions are in place. It is a choice of getting extra staff, putting everyone at greater risk, or keep a smaller crew and having slight delays on dispatches.  We have chosen extra safety. 
  • There will be back logs and delays in dispatching orders. UK is up to 5 working days late (pre-orders may take up to 7 days to ship from arrival) many will be sooner, some maybe later, DPD up to 2 weeks in worst case scenario although most are much quicker.  There is still a backlog from last week and another large delivery this week and we are shipping as fast as we can, but its nothing like before and most orders are smaller so we should be able to catch up quicker. 
  • The knock effect is we are behind on emails. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the message on the contact page and FAQ as we currently not be replying to emails where the answer is there.  STILL OVER 50% of emails are still asking for updates on orders that are pre-orders. The latest release information we have is on the site! Because of the sheer amount of emails we are receiving at the moment, we will be changing how we amend/cancel orders and deal with exchanges for slight box blemishes. We are not currently amending orders. But we are still cancelling orders. 

Thank you for your continued patience. 

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King Kong  7'' Scale Action Figure

King Kong 7" Scale Action Figure£27.95

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