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The Star Wars Mystery Pop Vinyl Box - Box of 6 **Non Returnable**

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The Star Wars Mystery Pop Vinyl Box - Box of 6 **Non Returnable**
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*Images shows a small selection of what we have left. You may or may not receive these characters.

Box of 6 randomly packed DIFFERENT Star Wars Pop Vinyl Figures from across the Star Wars universe. We have a mixture of Pops from the original trilogies, Rogue One, Rebels and Epsiode VII.

We only have limited stock available, and please note although there are a large number of different Pops, if you order more than one box we cannot guarantee that we will not receive duplicates.

Boxes will be sent sealed within packing a funko box, and once this seal it broken, we cannot accept returns.

This is a mystery random box, and we cannot guarantee the figures you will receive, or that if you order more than one case, we cannot guarantee you will not receive dulipates, although each case of 6 will contain 6 different pops.

If this offer sells out, we should be adding more next week

We only have Star Wars pops left for this offer.


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