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**IMPORTANT PRE-ORDER INFORMATION** Orders are shipped as soon as all items placed on an order, are in stock. Mixed orders; for example orders containing pre-orders and in stock items, will be shipped when the entire order is in stock and available to ship. PLEASE consider making separate orders where possible if you plan to make mixed orders, containing in stock and pre-orders.
How Much Does Shipping Cost? Shipping costs a flat rate of £2.95 for orders within the UK..This includes all pre-orders and in-stock items. Mixed orders; for example orders containing pre-orders and in stock items will be shipped, when the entire order is available to ship.See shopping basket for overseas shipping costs.

 Are the items you sell brand new, mint and boxed/carded? All items we sell are brand new and straight from the factory case. However please bear in mind, most action figures, and similar items are mass produced in China. Unlike some high end electronic items, they are produced and packaged in cardboard boxes, referred to as "cases", without additional padding or form.This is because toys are usually meant to be opened and played with by children and they are not designed for collectors to keep (even though many of us do!!). Items may have slight blemishes on packaging, and in the paint app. This is considered normal and is not a defect in the toy. Whilst we are happy to exchange any item, we cannot pay return postage on items that have damaged packaging. Whilst we will search for the best examples if requested to do so by the purchaser in the comments section of the checkout, we cannot guarantee a C-10 condition for figures we send, as these usually do not exist. We do not send items that have anything more than slight blemishes or creases to the packaging. We do however package items carefully to ensure that they arrive with you in the same condition that they are received by us. If the items are damaged in the transit, we cannot pay for return shipping. Couriers and Postal Service, do not consider an item damaged, if only the box containing the item is damage, and therefore will not pay out for "damaged items" in these conditions.

Why should I pre-order an item/set? When you place a pre-order with Star Action Figures we will reserve that figure/set for you from our initial incoming shipment. In rare cases some items pre-sell out, so only people that pre-order the figure will receive it. We always ship out pre-orders in the order that they are placed, so for some of the more popular items it is always best to pre-order as soon as possible.
Can I cancel a pre-order? Yes. Although there is presently no way to cancel an order via the site, if you send an email via the “contact us” at the top of every page, we will cancel you pre-order, providing it hasn’t already processed or is being prepared for dispatch. There is never any charge or “re-stocking” fee for cancelling a pre-order.
Estimated Arrival? How certain are you on these release dates? In the collectable figure/toy market, releases dates are changed all the time. Many of the items we sell do not have release dates set in stone, like for example a DVD, video game or book. Sometimes items arrive sooner than expected, but it is far more common for release dates to slip. All estimated release dates are subject to change. The site will updated the moment a release date change is known. We do not send email to inform you if a date changes slightly, but we will if there is a major release date change. As soon as a product is in stock, all references to pre-orders will be removed from the product page.
What country are you based in? We are based in the UK. We are a registered UK company (company number 06423629) and are VAT registered and pay UK taxes.
If I order something on pre-order when my card will be charged? Your card will only be charged when we have your entire order in stock and ready to ship. We do not charge your card early, or charge a deposit. **Please Note - If you send us payment with PayPal, then you are sending us that payment and PayPal will charge you straight away.

Do you ship overseas? We do ship overseas to some countries. Please see the shipping rates tab below for more details or click here

What payment methods do you accept? We accept most debit/credited cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Switch, and Maestro. From July 2018, are are now accepting PayPal account payments.

I have a pre-order, and I want to change the shipping address due to moving. You will to connect us via email using the contact us section of the site. You are able to change your billing address via the site, but this will not change your shipping address (unless your shipping address is the same as your billing address).

How soon will you dispatch my order? All “in stock” orders are sent out within 48 hours (Monday - Friday), usually same/next day. Your order should arrive within two or three days in the UK

I have seen a £1 charge on my credit/debit card statement. What is this for? 

When you place your order, we do not take payment straight away. We only take payment when the figures are shipped.

Most card providers, will place a “ghost” transaction at time of order to check the details you supplied are correct, so that they can authorise the transaction, and most of the time these transactions are invisible to customers, and take place in the background. However, with some card providers, this £1 transaction shows up on interim account statements, but it will expire in a day or two, and will not be charged to your account.