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***PLEASE NOTE - We have a delay answering some emails at the moment. Please allow extra time for an answer.
Answers to most questions can be found below or on the FAQ page. 



***Please also allow extra time for emails to be replied too during this period as we do have a backlog and working through them as fast as we can. Sending multiple emails on the same issue will not speed up response time and will delay a reply to your email!!***

Whilst we are in this peak period, we have put some of the most common emails questions and answers below. Please take a moment to read the questions below for your answer, as we are unable to reply to email asking these exact questions over the next couple of weeks. 

When will my pre-order be dispatched? Please check items page for latest release information and estimated release dates. It is the latest information we have.  Please refer to the site. We are inundated with emails asking when pre-orders will arrive. We get two days notice of delivery from Hasbro, and we will update the site pages with the latest information we have. Also remember, as per the red text on every pre-order page, we only ship order when the entire order is in stock and ready to ship. 

Can I add a figure to my pre-order or combine my orders? - Unfortunately we currently unable to add to existing orders, or combine orders. Our systems do not currently allow it. 

When will XXXXX figure arrive? - As per the information on the site. This is the most up to date information we have. Currently we receive 2 days notice of delivery

When will you ship my order? - PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER STATUS! 
If all your items are in stock and the order is in the warehouse or preparing for dispatch, it will be shipped in due course (i.e. just as fast as we can). Due to world events, we have a back log at the moment and we working as quick as we can to ship orders.   

I have seen xxx figure on the internet, will you be stocking it? - 
Under our terms of dealing with Hasbro, we are not allowed to comment on any item until it is on the site. Even if Hasbro have shown images of it. 

Do you deliver to "insert country name"  - Please see shipping tab on the left under information. If your country is not listed, unfortunately we do not currently ship to that country. 


XXX figure has sold out. Will you be getting any more?  - All sold out figures (pre-orders and released) have been reordered with Hasbro. In most cases, if they do not restock within a week, its unlikely more will be available in the short term. 


Please also check out the FAQs for answers to most common questions.


Finally please note, due to an increase in abusive emails, we will no longer answer any very rude or abusive emails. It appears a number of sites are seeing an increase in these types of email, and we will no longer answer or tolerate it.  


Please add the two numbers