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***Due to the recent storms which has delayed or cut short ship docking/off load times, together with the current Global Corona Crisis, release dates of figures are changing all the time. We will post the latest information we know on the products pages. All dates are estimates and subject to change. 


Dear Customers,

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, we will be offering a limited service for the next few weeks. As it stands the Royal Mail will still be collecting mail, and we will continue to prepare and ship orders for the time being until they stop.

All staff at Star Action Figures are no longer working through this period and are isolated at home. I am isolated at home and now isolated in the warehouse. My only contact with the outside world for the next few weeks is opening my front door, walking five paces to the car, driving to the warehouse, walking five paces to the door and entering the house. Royal Mail will be collecting cages left outside  for them so I will have no contact with them.  

For overseas orders, we are suspending all shipments via DPD with Immediate effect. As a courier, we feel we don't want to add extra burden on any courier and as they have multiple drivers, and make multiple collections so will stop shipments via them until the lockdown is lifted. There is also the issue with other countries going into lockdown and leaving parcels stranded, but we will continue to process orders during this time in readiness for dispatch. 

I will updated again if Royal Mail stop collecting which I expect them too do so soon, but rest assured all stock is still coming into Hasbro and other distributors, albeit at a slower pace than normal, and we will continue to accept deliveries from Hasbro until such times as things change, and everything will be here when this crisis finishes. 

Because I am now operating a company with 5 staff on my own for the next few weeks, please note dispatch times may be longer than normal, and emails will be considerably delayed. Please please please, check the Q&A's (on the left menu) and your order status before emailing. We are still getting lots of emails asking common questions, and whilst I don't want to, as the burden becomes greater, I will unlikely answer emails that can be answered through checking your account, the product page, and Q&As. Also other urgent emails may be answered with one or two word answers, as I get through as many as I can. Returns etc will be dealt with, but it is likely to be when the crisis has passed. 

Rest assured, when this is all over, we will still be here,  the action figures will still be made and arriving and hopefully it a few weeks or so, things will start getting back to normal.  But the most important thing is, stay safe and look out for loved ones. Some things are more important than action figures!!! - Wayne



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