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BREXIT ORDERS - Important Information.

Thanks for your patience over the past month. We are now finally in a position to turn DPD ordering back on and start accepting new orders from the same EU countries as we did before. Other countries will follow later in the year.

New VAT/tax rules apply to all EU orders. Please see below for details on New Orders and existing pre-orders.


You will notice that we no longer charge VAT on your order. This will be charged when the order is ready for delivery by your own countries customs.  All shipping rates have increased by £4 and this is for the processing/collection fee charged by DPD. This rise is under review and subject to change.

We will be looking at adding more shipping options in the coming months.  After not accepting new orders for a month, we do expect a rush of EU orders so please expect delays. We will keep these to a minimum and we are looking at automating the service, which should cut down on delays significantly in the future, but for the time being shipments may take longer than normal. We will remove this message from this page, when we have the automated process in place. In the medium/long term, we expect to ship all orders same/next day as we did pre-Covid.

Existing Pre-Orders Not yet Paid for (Credit/debit card orders)

Unfortunately we will need to update all existing preorders due to the new tax rules. We currently have over 1000 orders on preorder for EU countries, so we will not be able to update all orders manually.

If you have an existing order, to enable us to ship the order without charging VAT we will need you to place a new order.  If your existing preorder is in stock and still available for preorder, please can you help us out by placing a new order. It's not an issue if you want to add or remove items from an existing order or combine orders.  When you have done this, please could you email us via the contact page to cancel your old order(s). You will notice a new Brexit option via the contact page. Please supply your old preorder number if possible, and/or your new order number to help us locate your order.

If your order contains items no longer available to order (pre sold out, or out of stock) please could I ask you to use the blank "Brexit" products.  For example, if you can no longer order a product valued at £18.95, please order the Brexit product at £18.95. If you have two different figures at £18.95 that you can not reorder, please order two £18.95 Brexit figures etc. We will then manually update your order to your existing orders when you email us to cancel your original order.  Please only select the Brexit products, if you have already pre-ordered out of stock figures. If there is not one that match the original cost of an item, please select the next highest value Brexit item, and we will amend your order to the lower value.  Brexit items can be found here.

Existing Pre-Orders Paid for with PayPal.

All pre-paid orders placed from 1st October onwards will automatically be adjusted. You will receive a refund of the different (VAT) via your PayPal account in due course. 

Pre-paid orders placed BEFORE 1st October, will need to be cancelled and reordered. You will receive an email and full refund via PayPal in the next few days. You will then need to reorder. If an item you have ordered is now out of stock, you will be able to reorder using the special "Brexit" products   . We will not be cancelling the original orders until the end of the month. This way stock will remain reserved for your new order. At the end of January, all reserved stock will be released back onto the site, so you will need to reorder by the end of January. 

I know this is far from ideal, but it is the only option we have, other than to just refund and cancel your order. This way you will be able to keep your reserved items, but you will need to reorder them on a new order. 

To repeat if your order was pre-paid placed between 1st October and 31st December, you do not need to take any action, your order will be updated automatically . 

As far as we are aware, no tariffs will be payable in the EU, and only your local VAT will be payable, which replaces the VAT you have been paying us until now.  So the only additional cost at the moment is the £4 extra shipping/clearance fee paid to DPD. This is under review and we will update this page if anything changes. Please check your local tax rules and rate if you are unsure before placing an order. Customers are responsible for local taxes charged by their local customs and excise. 

All orders must be updated by the end of January. Sorry for the inconvenience

Updated 5/1/21