Site update

Site update

Welcome to the new look Star Action Figures site.  We hope you like the new site, and here are the main things to know straight away on how the new site differs from the previous platform.

All orders placed on the old system will be fulfilled from the old site. All orders placed on the old system/platform will be fulfilled from the old site in the usual way as soon as the figures come into stock. There is no need to reorder. You will however need to create a new account to place new orders. Please help us to begin with by NOT cancelling these orders and reordering on the new site, unless request to by us to do so. Unfortunately we have been unable to move across order histories, but orders will be filled from the old system in the usual way, and can still be viewed by logging in via We will leave the old site there for the foreseeable future.

Please also note that any notify requests on the old site, we have not been to move these across either, so you will need to re-enter any restock/notify requests. We have only moved across products that we think may have a chance of becoming available again. Although we haven't sent a newsletter in a couple of years, we will be starting these again soon, and we may have offers in the future exclusive to these newsletters, so it would be recommended to sign up for the newsletter (click on newsletter picture on the homepage to sign up).

We had to move systems for a number of reasons, but the move does allow us to have a lot more control over the way the site works. On the old system, the servers were fixed and on preorder days, the site struggled to keep up with demand. The new system will allow the server capacity to be increased at peak times. This should stop the scramble on pre-order days, and allow everyone to access the site without delays. Another thing the move allows, is it give us far more control over features on the site. In the past we was limited to what the pre-written site could offer us. Now we can request almost anything we like to have added to the site. We have lots of plans to add new features, and will announce these as and when we can.

The new card payment provider, Stripe is one of the leading payment processors in the country. You will be able to store card details on their servers for ease of use.  These details will NOT be stored by Star Action Figures, and as before Star Action Figures has no access to your card details. This should make updating card details far easier than before.

PayPal will still be available for those who wish to pay up front for their orders.

Order processing will become more automated for us, allowing us more time to serve customers, instead of spending time manually processing orders. Placing an in stock only order, your card will be charged upon order rather than hour or days later when the order ships. If you place a preorder or a mix of in stock and preorders your card will continue to be charged when we process the order for shipping, when all the stock arrives, just as it was on the old system.

We will still accept mixed in stock and preorder items in the same order, but there is now limit to the time we will hold orders. In the past we sometimes we held stock for up to year. We just cannot continue to do this.  You may notice that preorder items more then two or three months in advance, can no longer be added with in stock products on the same order. This will not only help us, but also help customers keep a better control over their orders and should cut down the need for amending and cancelling orders. Please consider making separate orders for in stock and preorder items. Obviously any delays in deliveries, may see this limit increase, but at time of order you will only be able to order products within a certain time frame on the same order.  For example, if you place an order with an in stock item in April, you will only be able to add preorders due in the following couple of months, ie May & June (exact dates to be confirmed) To help customers get used to this, we will initially be offering free shipping on orders over £50 to encourage you to place separate orders.

Finally for now, the move will also allow us to add new features and options in the future. When the dust settles from the move, we will explore adding more features and options to the site to make your buying experience a lot easier and smoother. Stay tuned!