International Shipping

International Shipping

Finally after months of waiting,  we have turned on the option for some EU countries to place orders with us again. Thank you for your patience. Only countries we shipped to at the beginning of this year will be available to begin with, but we plan many more options and many more shipping destinations over the coming months. 

Unfortunately to begin with, orders will be limited to £120 per order. VAT will be charged at checkout, so there will be no need to any pay taxes after the parcel has been dispatched, just like it was pre-Brexit.

Please note that in stock orders placed in the next week may not ship straight away, but we do expect to start shipping orders by the end of the month at the very very latest (hopefully by the end of next week). We are turning ordering back on now, as there is a price increase coming 1st August, so want to give you a chance of getting your pre-orders in before this price rise comes into effect.

We are only able to ship to non-Business accounts at the moment to a limited number of countries, so if your shipping option is listed as Non-Business, we are unable to ship to you if the purchase is for a business. This will change over the coming months.

**If you have an outstanding order on the old site, it will likely be much cheaper and easier to reorder on the new site. We welcome you to do this, BUT PLEASE email us with your new and old order number, so we can cancel the old order, otherwise both orders WILL ship.  You must email us to cancel your old order if you place a new order on the site. (Please note some products may be sold out on the new site and we are unable to transfer stock between sites at this time)

***FACEBOOK POST 19/7/21***

Welcome back to the EU. 
We have turned EU ordering back on for those countries we ship to before Brexit. Sorry it took so long, but for the next month or so we will be shipping orders under the EUs new IOSS system, and there are some limits.   Countries currently listed are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. 
Looking into the near future we plan to add numerous more countries to the list, as well as options for most countries (ie Courier/Royal Mail etc), which should offer more competitive rates for some destinations, but we will see how things settle down over the next month or two before we add more. 
Orders are limited to personal customers (not business right now) up to a MAXIMUM OF £120 per order. This "should" ensure that there are no extra charges to pay as you will pay VAT at checkout, and we will pay it via our IOSS number. 
We have sent a few test orders today, so we may not ship many "in stock" orders for a week or two, until we know the system is working without issues.  So if you place an in stock order, it may be a week or so before it dispatches. Looking forward into August, the new system will ship EU and UK orders at the same time, so delays will be minimal and we will not have backlogs of DPD orders as we did in the past. 
We would WELCOME you to cancel orders from the old site, and reorder on the new site with the slightly lower shipping costs if the items are still available. Please note though, we cannot transfer stock across, so if an item is out of stock on the new site, we are unable to add it.  PLEASE NOTE IF YOU DO REORDER ON THE NEW SITE, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR ORDER ON THE OLD SITE, OTHERWISE BOTH ORDERS WILL SHIP.  We are unable to ship orders on the old site under the new IOSS tax rules. Only orders placed on the new site can be shipped with the taxes paid.   Orders on the old site will still be sent under the older tax rules which means you will need to pay the taxes separately for orders placed on the old site. 
We will try and find a way to start taking orders over £120 again as soon as we can, as I know there are a lot of people still wanting this, but this will mean you pay the taxes and extra fees before delivery. 
Any questions about overseas shipping feel free to ask below, and I will answer them the best I can.