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Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series 6 Inch Action Figure Wave 1 - Set of 5

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series 6 Inch Action Figure Wave 1 - Set of 5
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Brand:  Hasbro


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Sorry, but once again pre-order have only lasted a few hours! This is 100% down to the way Hasbro force retailers to buy figures that they cannot sell.

Because Hasbro deceided now would be a good time to switch to 8 figure cases, we now have hundreds of spare Luke, Leia's and Ben's. Had they stuck with 6 figure cases, offered the 5 figures and a double packed R2-D2, everyone would have got all they wanted, and we would have maybe had a few spare R2-D2's which history shows would sell through quite quickly. As it is, R2-D2 will be rarer than rocking horse shit, and we have had to stop selling sets after just a few hours, because we cannot justify being stuck with many more hundreds of figures that hasbro have already released in the past few months!

I will not post exact figures, but I will say that the full sets outsold single purchases of Luke by 13-1, Leia by 17-1 and Obi Wan by 35-1. So for every 35 sets we sold, we sold one Ben Kenobi on his own. Or in other words, for every set we sold, we nearly have a spare Luke, Leia and Ben. What makes is even worse, is for the couple of minutes R2-D2 was online, he outsold the sets by 2-1, Hasbro could not have got this more wrong, if they had tried.

Because of the frankly stupid case assortment, we have hundred of spare Lukes, Leia's and Ben's, which will sell in time, but will take months, maybe a year to shift. We sold out in 4 hours. We could have sold 3 or 4 times more that we did, but we can't because it would mean having to buy more and more Luke, Leia and Ben's to sit on the shelf. Now this stock is in big multiplies store language, is peg warmers, or in other big chain talk, CLEARANCE stock. When these peg warm and block the pegs for wave 2, someone at Hasbro will be standing there scratching their arse, wondering what went wrong. SO if Hasbro had a smallest idea what they were doing, a small site like us would have probably at least doubled our order.

As it is, we have ordered only 55% of the stock we would have had on day one, had Hasbro not been so careless with case assortments. We know we are just a small drop in a vast ocean, so multiply this across the world, and Hasbro are missing out on so many sales of these figures, and wonder why people constantly slag them off. Again, this is not hindsight. Anyone who knows the line could have picked better assortments than this. Our sales is proof Hasbro have badly got it wrong..... again. Darth Revan any one? Scarif Stormtrooper anyone...... It's mistake after mistake as far as Hasbro is concerned. Why do they continue to force stock on retailers, that does not sell!!

My heart sank this morning when I saw they had switched to 8 figure cases for this assortment. I knew straight away it would not work. Hasbro couldn't get it right with 4 figure cases, and now every mistake they make, and its one or two mistakes a wave now, will be amplified across the wave, making certain figures even harder to find, as retailers will be cutting back on what they can afford to buy, or more importantly forced to buy and not sell. So from my point of view, sales have HAD to stop after a few hours, because I cannot justify having nearly half the stock I order, become slow moving shelf fillers. Bravo Hasbro, Bravo!!

Hasbro in my opinion single handedly destroyed the 3.75 inch collectors figures, with there treatment of the Vintage collection a few years ago, but packing so many poorly chosen repacks wave after wave after wave that they hung around on the pegs for years. Whoever is in charge of the line there now, seems to be doing their level best to destroy the 6 inch line as well. After all, who else other than Hasbro case assortment picker would have put Jyn Erso, Cassian and the Death Trooper in 3 out of 4 assortments, and plan to do the same with Krennic. There is only so long the big multiplies will continue to keep clearing out this line at below cost!! They did start to get it right by offering solid cases, but these sold out far to quickly so they knocked that idea on the head straight away. And from the lists I have seen, repacks are set to ramp up with Episdoe 8 assortments..... wave 3 Hasbro? Are you for real?

Anyone that missed out, we share your frustration. In fact we share them hundreds of times over!!

Set of 5 includes; Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Ben Kenobi, R2-D2

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