Marvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure - The Thing

Marvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure - The Thing
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 Marvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure - The ThingMarvel Legends 6 Inch Action Figure - The Thing 
Our Price:  £0.01(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Hasbro


OUT OF STOCK. Use Notify Me link above, to be informed if stock becomes available again.  

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer as an individual figure, as we will not have any where near enough to meet demand. However if you resign for the notification email, there is a very slight chance we may do in the future, but it is a very slight chance.

However we will be offering as part of two different bundles.

Firstly we will offer it as part of the X-Men X-Force Action Figure set which is due in August.

Pre-orders for this set will go live at 8.30pm on Tuesday 2nd July.

We will also offer it as a bundle with the Hulk/Wolverine set on Wednesday 3rd July at 8pm.

PLEASE NOTE – To give as many people a chance at getting one at RRP, we are limiting the The Thing figure to one per person and per household. Please no multiple orders. So please only order either the X-Men Force set, OR the Hulk package. Not both.

The additional Price for the Thing is the standard RRP of £20.

We have done this as we only have limited numbers available, and this way collectors of Marvel Legends will be given the chance to own this rare figure. We have also split the sales across two days to give as many people as possible a chance of getting one.

These have sold recently for over £60 on ebay, so we fear if we just sell them individually, they will sell out in minutes, and most will end up on eBay, so hopefully doing it this way, they will end up with collectors..... I know this will not please everyone, but we could always have become the very THING we hate at Star Action Figures, scalpers, but its is a standard £20 figure, and if you collect Marvel Legends, that’s the additional price we will charge for it.

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